EveryTrade launched with the goal to help new, busy, and aging homeowners take better care of their most valuable asset—their homes.

Lacking the time, tools or desire to personally care for their homes, our customers depend on their dedicated EveryTrade Home Manager to keep their homes healthy and safe all year round.

Our Service

Our mission is to stop problems before they start utilizing routine checkups and repairs. Taking a preventive, rather than reactive approach allows us to address small problems before they become larger, and more costly to remedy. Appropriately maintaining your home’s systems and appliances will lead to fewer problems down the road. In fact, performing routine preventative maintenance will extend the life of your home’s major systems and components, allow it to run more efficiently, and ultimately increase the value of your home.

By signing up for our service, members can stop deferring maintenance on their home and work with their EveryTrade Home Manager to craft a personalized plan to handle various aspects, or the complete to-do list associated with their property.

In short, we provide a proactive, one-stop place for homeowners to call upon to take care of anything related to ensuring the comfort, safety, and maintenance of their home—from remodeling a kitchen to landscaping and everything in between. Your EveryTrade Home Manager can assist with everything from: on-demand service requests, general upkeep services, annual home check-ups, as well as the coordination of all work to be performed on your home while providing online maintenance records and the recording of your homes data online. Whatever you need done, just call or click.

Start living the life you’ve always wanted. Let us handle the “have-tos”, so you can focus on your “want-tos” and spend more of your time and energy doing what you love most!

Why Call Us? 

In addition to being the single-point of contact to take care of any home maintenance or improvement need, from cleaning gutters to replacing windows, EveryTrade offers:

  • Reassurance and comfort.  An annual home check-up review conducted by a licensed home professional, to proactively examine your home top to bottom to identify problems and help you anticipate future needs.
  • Organization.  An online tool, the ‘Home Binder‘  is provided to clients so they may document, organize and manage all things related to their house in a secure easy to use space online. These reports can be shared as a ‘Seller’s Report’ to better market your home.
  • Guarantee.  Our EveryTrade Certified Service Providers stand behind their work. It is our promise to provide a superior experience at an affordable price for each of our clients. If you are ever dissatisfied at any point, please contact your Home Manager.
  • Affordable.  Both the Home Manager and EveryTrade software are FREE. Clients pay only for the services they chose and our rates are extremely competitive.
  • Trusted.  People are at the heart of our business. We earn the trust of those we serve by first understanding, then fulfilling their needs with our superior-quality products, customer-focused service and continuous innovation.

A Trusted Resource

All of our EveryTrade House Managers are background checked, highly trained, and have extensive experience working in homes just like yours.

Never Worry About Your Home Again.

EveryTrade is revolutionizing home ownership. Let us handle the upkeep of your home, so you can spend more of your time and energy doing the things you enjoy!

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